Holiday Rentals in Croatia

Croatia has fast become one of the most popular destinations with holiday makers and not just because of it’s beautiful beaches and wonderful Mediterranean climate but in more recent times, for the dance and music festivals in Croatia.

map of Croatia

Map of Croatia (

At face value, Croatia is a land of stunning landscape, just opposite the calm shores of the Adriatic coast of Italy, but there’s much much more to this recently made independent Republic.

things to see in Croatia

View of Dubrovnik (

In 1918, the Croats, along with the Serbs and Slovenes, became part of a kingdom known as Yugoslavia, and in 1991, Communism having fallen, the Croats were able to create their own independent country known as Croatia. The period after 1991 was a treacherous and very troubled time in Croatia and it’s surroundings and it is only in the last few years that Croatia is witnessing more peaceful times, enabling it to finally flourish.

Tourism in Croatia

Pula Arena (

Croatia is a small Republic with a population of approximately 4.5 million, most of which is Roman Catholic. The architecture in Croatia is of varied style due to its the various occupations over the centuries and influence of surrounding border countries. Along the coast, you’ll see more of a Mediterranean style of building. The national cuisine is also a mix of Mediterranean and Slavic influences.

Islands of Croatia

The Island of Brac (Wikipedia)

Croatia is known for it’s numerous azure green natural lakes, waterfalls, natural parks and stunning geological diversity not to mention it’s enchanting shore line and innumerable islands such as Mlijet. It’s a beautiful country with highlands and coastline benefiting from a Mediterranean climate and consequently producing exports such as grapes, olives and sunflower seeds.

Croatian islands

Mljet (

In more recent years, Croatia has become a destination for dance and music festivals such as the exclusive Garden Festival in Zadar, Outlook Festival and Soundwave Festival. In fact there are over 10 festivals in the summer season allowing you to spend 3 months of music, dance and sun worship in beautiful Croatia! Hotels in this period tend to be scarce and overpriced and the best thing to do, especially as you’ll be with groups of friends, is to rent an “apartmani” (furnished holiday rentals in Croatia).

holiday rentals in Croatia

4 person apartment in sea view villa in Sutivan, Island of Brac with has a selection of rental villas and apartments in Croatia, ranging in size and type so that you can enjoy a convenient flat for two or a lovely villa with friends. Each property ranges in features, some with balconies, sea views and patios so that you can enjoy the comfort of a home and relax and benefit from the money you’ll save on not choosing a hotel. Take a look’s vacation rentals in Croatia.

Apartment for 4 in Opatija, northern coast of Croatia, 500m from beach with

Fun fact: Did you now that the cravat, common neck tie, originated form 17th Century Croatia?

Visit for your furnished rental property abroad.

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